About Us

Welcome To Our Campus

The Institution is a multi- SETA accredited organization and is also provisionally registered as a private Further Education and Training College with FET Registration Number: 2011/FE07/078.
TEKmation (PTY) LTD strives to be a cut above the rest with innovative and relevant methods of service delivery.

TEKmation (PTY) LTD Training Institute has fully operational and functional technical training workshops in the Electrical, Instrumentation, Welding and Mechanical trades. The company boasts qualified facilitators, assessors and moderators in the respective fields ensuring that learners are mentored by subject matter experts with applicable knowledge and practical experience.

In keeping with the best practices norms, we are continually modifying and incorporating the latest training methodology, technology and innovation to ensure our training conforms to the highest and most demanding quality assurance standards.

Our History

TEKmation (PTY) LTD was established in 2002 to provide Engineering Training and Skills Development. It was established and headed by two directors and a staff compilation of just two employees which has exponentially grown over the years. The main focus of the campus centred on the offering of one programme until there was a demand for scarce and growing skills in the industry. This allowed the institute to expand into a multi-focused college that currently offers a range of technological and academic programmes.









Our Core Values

Each staff member has a responsibility towards every learner that enters and exist the system and our relationship with these learners, including our clients is based strongly on the following core values:


● Show Fairness                                     ● Show Respect To Others
– Justice                                                     – Admiration
– Objectivity                                              – Esteem
– Equality                                                   – High Opinion

● Striving for Excellence                       ● Practise Honesty
– Quality                                                     – Sincerity
– Superiority                                              – Reliability
– Brilliance                                                 – Righteousness

● Showing Gratitude
– Appreciation
– Thankfulness
– Gratefulness

Metal Lathe Operator
Last piece of white puzzle to complete a mission

Our Mission

Continually Developing Champions For The Global World Of Work
We Achieve This By:

Being At The Forefront Of Cutting-Edge Technology Education, Skills Training And Development
• Adding Value To Human Capital By Inculcating An Ethos Of Service Excellence.
• Providing A Conducive Teaching And Learning Environment
• Complying With Professional Quality Standards And SHEQ Practices
• Being Actively Involved In Community Assistance Programmes
2016 DRIVE
• A2E: Advancing to Excellence
• Reframing: Thinking globally & Total Attitude Shift
• Refocusing: Core Business Values & Delivery Methods
• Responding: Implementing Service Excellence

Vision : Aspiring To Be The Leader In Technology Education, Skills Training And Development.