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TEKmation (PTY) LTD Training Institute has been in the forefront of engineering and skills education and training in South Africa for the past 12 years. Coming from humble beginnings, TEKmation (PTY) LTD has built a reputation as being the training provider of choice by many organisations and government (SETAs).
Engineering Education, Training & Skills Development is the most sought after as it is one of the scarce skills in South Africa that will be needed to improve and add value to the economy. TEKmation (PTY) LTD is a leader in skills development & training and is registered as a FET and HET with the Department of Education & Department of Higher Education and Training. TEKmation (PTY) LTD has a highly skilled and qualified staff complement consisting of administrators assessors, facilitators, material developers, artisans, technicians and engineers.
TEKmation Training Institute strives to be a cut above the rest with innovative and relevant methods of service delivery. Quality is a core value at TEKmation (PTY) LTD. It is reflected in a passionate approach to training, attention to detail and a commitment to continuing improvement. Each training intervention is followed up with feedback about the service provided and where relevant about participant performance.
Our daily envisage is to provide learners with skills that will set them apart from the average engineer or artisan and create a platform for them to become individuals who will be recognised nationally and internationally . We strive to develop and transfer industry specific skills to students thus increasing their employability after completion of their programme and help them gain an understanding of the world of work and assist with their planning and pursuing their career pathways.
The important part of this training process includes placing learners in industry for workplace training under the mentorship of skilled and qualified artisans for a period of time in their chosen programme.